Some Tools For Effective Presentation

Presentation skill matters when delivering a presentation at a digital marketing conference or any other event requiring presentation.

In order to have an interesting and exciting presentation, the tools you use for your presentation plays a very important role. Making a good or quality presentation will keep your listeners or audience attentive and spell bound.

To be able to give an effective, interesting and exciting presentation, here are some of the tools you can use.

Some effective presentation tools;


Prezi is a very popular presentation tool. In fact, one of the most popular. This tool will make your presentation exciting by enabling you show a big picture view of your presentation to your audience, then zooming in on individual slides afterwards. It helps you organize your message and thoughts in a way that you will never be lost in the middle of your presentation, and so will your audience. This way, following your presentation, by your audience will be a lot easy.


This is another good presentation tool. It has several thousands of templates, fonts and layout options that you can choose from to customize your presentation whichever way you want. Canva also has images library which you can also use in customizing your presentation. Most of these features are free. With all the features of this tool, you are sure to have a gorgeous presentation. So gorgeous that even your audience will have no choice than to clap, or give you an ovation after your presentation.

Canva has both free and paid versions. The free version provides you with one gigabyte of storage, and you can also add up to ten team members.

Google Slides

Google slides make your presentation very simple and straightforward. Google slides offer numerous templates you can choose from. With the Google slides template, you can insert images and charts in your presentation. One good thing about this presentation tool is that it is also free to use.


Keynote is another presentation tool that can make your presentation exciting. It has many themes and features. With keynote you can collaborate with your other team members.

One good feature about this presentation tool is that it can export keynote presentations as either PDF files or Powerpoint.

Another advantage of using this tool is that it is also free.


With this tool, you can get your presentation done, and still keep it by uploading it to your SlideShare. What makes this tool exciting is that people can view your slides.

SlideShare is too is compatible with Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF. And it is also free to use.


AgencyAnalytics is a good tool that enables you get visual representations of your data. And it offers trackers and analytics for any kind of data you wish or want to gather. It can help turn your information into simple graphs, charts, and other pictorial forms that will make your presentation more understandable.

Unfortunately, the AgencyAnalytics is not free, like the previous presentation tools mentioned earlier.

So, in conclusion, giving a good presentation requires skill, and using the right tools. If you know how to effectively combine both, then you should be able to keep your audience or listeners attentive till the end of your presentation. They make not even ask questions because they will find your presentation fun, and so easy to understand.


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